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High-speed cameras

KAMERA3.jpgHigh-speed cameras are used to record fast-moving subjects or ultra-fast movements that would not be seen by the human eye. The image is recorded with high frame rate (500-5000 frames per second) and then played back in a classical way (e.g. 25 frames per second). This allows a process that lasts for example 0.1 seconds, "stretch" several times, and observe it with all the details without losing sight-quality.

Speed ​​or highspeed cameras are therefore used to observe very fast processes in industrial applications and research. Control of machine and production line adjustments, physical phenomena, discharges, blasting tests, fracture formation and destruction of material under static or dynamic loads, atmospheric phenomena or scenes from the nature realm (animal movement, insect flight) are some of the typical spheres where the speed cameras allow people to see what otherwise would be impossible.

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